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The International Bioherbicide Group Workshop 2023

Organisers: Sheng Qiang 1, Graeme Bourdôt 2, Maurizio Vurro 3

1 Nanjing Agricultural University, China, IBG President; 2 AgResearch, New Zealand, IBG Vice President; 3 Institute of Sciences of Food Production, Bari, Italy, IBG website manager

The aim of this International Bioherbicide Group workshop is to provide a forum for scientists and students from around the world to present and discuss their research into plant pathogens as potential bioherbicides. Although bioherbicides have proven to be an alternative to conventional weed control approaches, many constraints remain that must be overcome to enable their wider application. The need for effective bioherbicides is increasing with the ever-increasing evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds, public health and environmental concerns over herbicide use, increasing industry and market requirements for residue-free farm produce, regulatory constraints on herbicide application practices, fewer new herbicides becoming available withdrawal of herbicides from the market, and the global increase in organic agriculture. Please consider coming to Argentina in May 2023 to share your insights into how we can overcome the barriers to the wider adoption of bioherbicides.

Date: Sunday afternoon, 7th May 2023


Please submit your Abstract to (Subject: Bioherbicide Workshop) so that we can determine the programme for the workshop. Abstracts will be included in the XVI ISBCW Proceedings.

Deadline 15th February 2023.


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